Dabble Extracts Reviews: The Truths and Myths of Dabbing

If you’ve heard the term “dabbing” used more frequently of late, there’s a good reason why. Dabbing is an innovation in cannabis ingestion gaining widespread popularity throughout the United States, thanks to its unique properties and beneficial effects. Dabbing has become increasingly recognized as a safe and effective solution among a growing community of users, and has gained national attention thanks to the rising acceptance of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. There are still many that remain skeptical of this cannabis product given the considerable amount of conflicting information available. At Dabble Extracts, we’re here to set the record straight with the following truths and myths about dabbing.


The Truths

Dabbing is the practice of ingesting a highly concentrated form of cannabis, often referred to as extracts, concentrates or butane hash oil.

A dab is the quantity of concentrate used in one inhalation. A dab consists of a high-grade form of hash created using cannabis buds and trim. Dab production involves extraction with butane to concentrate powerful compounds like THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids. Such extraction leads to the creation of a product significantly more potent than traditional cannabis. A dab can be taken from many different forms of concentrate including wax, budder, shatter and oil. The act of dabbing involves vaporizing and inhaling the dab using a glass pipe and a small rod made out of quartz or titanium, referred to as a “nail.”

Dabbing provides medical patients with effective, immediate relief.

Because dabbing provides its users with a higher concentration of compounds (up to 80% THC), those suffering from medical conditions can receive the pain relief they need more quickly and effectively. Severe pain, nausea and seizures are just some of the many reasons patients turn to dabbing rather than traditional medical marijuana. In fact, the quantity of marijuana an individual would need to smoke regularly to receive the same level of relief would be impractical and expensive.

Vaporized dabbing reduces the risk of inhaling harmful toxins.

Unlike smoking traditional marijuana, the temperature range required to heat up the titanium or quartz nail on a dab pipe as part of the inhalation process will actually vaporize the dab. This means that harmful toxins or carcinogens will be left behind. Users will simply inhale the pure concentrate vapors and avoid the harmful chemicals typically produced during the combustion process of smoking marijuana plant matter.

The Myths

“The butane in dabs poses a health risk to users.”

Butane is only found in small quantities in properly made extracts, and studies have shown that residual butane will not cause adverse health effects. The National Institute of Health has publicly acknowledged that butane is of minimal risk to those exposed to it at the levels present in a dab. In fact, butane is found in similar quantities in everyday household items such as hair spray and cooking products.

“It isn’t safe to produce dabs.”

While working with butane can pose some risks, medical and commercial concentrates are largely performed by experienced professionals in a safe environment. The type of closed loop extraction conducted to acquire the extracts from the cannabis flower requires the use of expensive equipment that is not accessible to the average everyday user attempting to make their own. Concentrates can also be made through super critical CO2 extraction. This significantly reduces the risk of potential danger, but concentrates less of the cannabinoids and medicinal compounds.

“Extracts are the ‘crack’ of marijuana.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Crack is an extremely addictive and dangerous drug that imposes severe negative health effects on its users and has destroyed millions of lives. While both products are concentrated forms of a substance, dabbing is a safe product that has not been proven to cause addiction or any adverse health effect. Dabbing benefits the overall quality of life for the thousands of medical patients who use extracts thanks to its rich profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

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